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The iconic Clarins Double Serum is Clarins’ bestselling product worldwide. Based on anti-aging expertise developed over more than 30 years, the formula contains 21 potent plant extracts, making it their most powerful age control concentrate yet.

The technology behind the Clarins Double Serum is based on the Hydric and Lipidic systems which together create a unique product containing two powerful serums in one, enabling the product to act visibly on signs of skin aging. The serum effectively works to boost the skin’s five vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection.

The trusted formula additionally contains turmeric extract, a star ingredient that plays a key role in the anti-aging process of the skin and allows for optimal cellular communication and complete age control.

The Double Serum also boosts the effectiveness of Clarins’ anti-ageing creams. When used together with the Clarins Multi Active, Extra Firming and Super Restorative creams, their effects are multiplied, leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated while reducing fine lines and increasing skin firmness and density.

This bio-inspired product respects the planet. This has allowed Clarins to create the most natural anti-aging product possible.

The double vial bottle is made out of 100% recycled material and the overall packaging has been stripped back to limit waste production. The adjustable pump bottle design allows for convenient use and increased control over the amount of product used.

A product satisfaction test done by a multi-ethnic panel consisting of 362 women has shown that women around the world have noticed results after only seven days of using the product. The formula proves effective in creating instant radiance, the reduced appearance of pores and fine lines and visibly younger-looking skin.

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