Go big with Fry’s new plant-based burger

The Big Fry Burger is 100% plant-based, contains 20g of protein and looks, sizzles and tastes just like a ground beef burger. 

Fry’s have been providing South Africans with plant-based meat alternatives for nearly three decades. Despite their stellar record, Fry’s international marketing director Tammy Fry says there is a need to innovate – to lead the charge when it comes to conscious eating, with accessible, convenient and delicious plant-based products for everyone – from omnivores, flexitarians and pescatarians, to vegetarians and vegans. Which is how The Big Fry Burger was born.

‘We wanted a patty that cooked and tasted just like a ground beef burger,’ says Tammy. ‘The Big Fry Burger literally sizzles on the grill and is most definitely going to satisfy the cravings of the most avid meat eater. Except, unlike its beef counterpart, this burger is much better for consumers, for the planet and the animals.’

The Big Fry Burger is made up of a blend of non-GM plant proteins and is flavoured with coriander seeds, paprika, cilantro, white pepper, black pepper, parsley and turmeric. ‘This burger is a great one for the braai and I anticipate it’s going to cause quite a stir around South Africa’s coals,’ she adds.

Like the rest of their products, The Big Fry Burger is non-GM, naturally cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat. But its benefits go beyond just our health, too – choosing a plant-based burger instead of a meat burger just once a week is the easiest way for us to radically cut down on our greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, every element of the packaging is 100% recyclable, which is a very important step for Fry’s. ‘Our packaging is a huge priority for us at the moment and we are working day in and day out to achieve that goal,’ explains Tammy.

Check out Wally Fry and the sizzling Big Fry Burger in this mouthwatering video.

The Big Fry Burger is being rolled out across the country and can be found in the frozen section of selected retailers. 

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