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Join FAIRLADY for 5 effective yoga poses to improve your life with Helen Wills.

Battling to sleep, de-stress, wake up in the morning? These five poses will help. Yoga is known to have many benefits, from boosting your immune system to being a powerful tool for dealing with stress or insomnia. All you need to know is which pose to do for what condition!

FAIRLADY will be hosting a 20-minute yoga masterclass with qualified instructor Helen Wills, who will explain (and demonstrate) five poses that can really help you in your everyday life.

Helen is a Cape Town-based yoga expert with more than 40 years of experience. She believes that yoga is good for our health, strength and flexibility, but is particularly drawn to the healing and happiness aspect of the practice.

In her 20-minute session with FAIRLADY, Helen will demonstrate five effective yoga poses and breathing techniques: a few quick warm-ups, two standing poses, a balance, a twist or two and a supine asana. There’s no time for savasana or meditation – it will be short but fun!

FAIRLADY’s editor-in-chief, Suzy Brokensha, will also ask Helen a few questions along the way, so you’ll be informed of the benefits, dos and don’ts, and breathing techniques throughout.

Join the yoga masterclass

Event details:

  • Date: Wednesday, 15 July
  • Time: 5.30pm
  • Price: R29 per ticket

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This interview forms part of the FAIRLADY 20/20 Masterclass series, which brings you 20 experts in 20 episodes for a powerful 20-minute chat.

The series will cover everything you want to know about starting a business, post-Covid-19 astrological forecasts, growing a vegetable garden, rescuing your finances after Covid and so much more. Keep an eye on our website and social platforms to join in.

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