Meet the Wonder Women!

The Backbone of South Africa: Meet the Wonder Women!

There is no way around it – women are the foundation of our families, our communities, and our beloved country. Their selfless acts of love and service have no limits, no matter what the cost. Sometimes, even to the detriment of their health. As the unsung heroes of South Africa, women are naturally at risk.

After major milestones unique to women, such as pregnancy and menopause, our bones become more and more porous and fragile over time. Women are therefore more susceptible to osteoporosis: a disease that influences the density and quality of our bones. The loss of bone density occurs silently and progressively, leading to an increased risk of aches, breaks, and accidents.

MenaCal.7™ understands women’s needs. Their supplements contain Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 to ensure optimal bone health. Not only is MenaCal.7™ committed to creating and providing a calcium solution to support women’s physical needs; but MenaCal.7™ also understands a woman’s need to continue their active involvement in their family, community, and society. That’s why MenaCal.7™’s calcium supplements and their #WomantotheBone campaign aims to support that.

The #WomanToTheBone campaign wants to recognise and support beautiful and powerful women; our women to the bone! After you, the reader, nominated inspiring women on the Woman to the Bone website, MenaCal.7™ has narrowed it down. Entries have now closed, but you can read their incredible stories on or through

Want to know more about an ophthalmologist who sponsors cataract surgery for underprivileged patients? Or the women who helps raise awareness around female sexual health in school through education and sanitary pad donation drives? You can also get to know the woman providing meals for over 150 children so they don’t go to school hungry; and more about the woman who helps children read, write, and speak.

Three winners will be chosen, each winning R20 000 to further their purposeful work in their communities.

To further uplift and support women, MenaCal.7™ has also partnered with The Clothing Bank: a non-profit organisation that assists unemployed women in becoming financially and socially independent. The Clothing Bank’s mission is to train disadvantaged, unemployed mothers to start their own sustainable retail businesses. And you can help, too! For every MenaCal Bone Health product sold, R2 will be donated to women upliftment in association with The Clothing Bank.

MenaCal.7™ backs the backbone of this country. Women of South Africa, we salute you!

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