One less thing to worry about

Let’s be real: you’ve got enough going on without having to worry about your period. Comfitex’s range of feminine hygiene products is designed to ensure comfort and ease.

We all know the basics about menstruation and ovulation, but did you know that your monthly cycle actually consists of four phases?

Phase 1: Menstruation

The period itself, which is the shedding of blood, uterine lining and mucus.

Phase 2: Follicular Phase

This takes place immediately after the period, when the body begins to prepare for pregnancy by thickening the uterus lining, while the ovaries begin to produce follicles containing eggs.

Phase 3: Ovulation

About two weeks before your next period, the ovaries release an egg for fertilisation.

Phase 4: Luteal Phase

At this point, the empty follicle becomes what is known as a corpus luteum which produces the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Then, one of two things happen: if the egg has been fertilised, it will move to the uterus and attach to the lining, thus beginning your pregnancy. If fertilisation does not occur, the lining of your uterus along with the unfertilised egg is shed, beginning your period and new menstrual cycle.

The average menstrual cycle takes place over 28 days but can range from anywhere between 21 and 35 days. Your period, meanwhile, usually lasts for 3–8 days; the average duration is 5 days.

Being aware of when you will have your next period can help you prepare by ensuring you have all the necessary Comfitex products on hand.

  • Comfitex Basic Pads are thick and absorbent, wingless and non-restricting
  • Comfitex Body Form Pads provide extra security and is available in both scented and non-scented options
  • Comfitex Maxi Thick Pads offer maximum protection while being discreet and comfortable enough for everyday wear
  • Comfitex Ultra-Thin Pads are ideal for all flow types and provide extra discretion when wearing thinner garments

Towards the end of your period (or during the month, if you are prone to spotting) it also helps to have a few pantyliners tucked away in your handbag, just in case.

Comfitex Cotton Soft Pantyliners and Comfitex Ultra Slim Pantyliners’ have adhesive backing to ensure a secure fit and are body shaped for extra comfort. They are available in scented and unscented varieties and come in packs of 20, 40 and 100.

It’s also a good idea to have a stash of Comfitex Sanitary Bags for trips to the loo. The lightly scented plastic packet makes disposal of your sanitary towel simple and discreet while preventing river pollution by disposing of sanitaryware in the toilet.  

What is PMS?

Premenstrual Syndrome is a set of symptoms commonly experienced in the weeks building up to a period. These may include headache, nausea, fatigue, depression, lack or increase of sex drive, tender breasts and more. For a lucky few, these symptoms do not show up at all.

Infections & hygiene tips

Vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are common yet extremely unpleasant. Practicing good feminine hygiene will lower the risk of contracting an infection and help maintain a healthy pH balance in the vagina. Here are some helpful tips on how to stay infection free:

• Use Comfitex Feminine Wipes throughout the day to minimise sweat and discharge, which could lead to irritation and infection. Comfitex Feminine Wipes are dermatologically endorsed and can be used throughout the day.

• Cleanse your vagina twice daily with warm, clean water (avoid scented soaps and body wash)

• Choose breezy dresses over skintight pants if you’re prone to infections, as they don’t allow air circulation – bacteria thrive in warm conditions.

Using these tips in conjunction with the Comfitex range and regular visits to a gynaecologist will guarantee vaginal and menstrual health. With Comfitex, you have one less thing to worry about.

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