Historical novelist and #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory is back! This time, Philippa turns her attention to the lives of lower-class women in 1640s England with Tidelands, the first of her new book series, launching on 15 October.

Set in the English Civil War in 1648, the struggle seems to reach every corner of the kingdom and even the remote tidelands, where we find Alinor. While trying to find out what happened to her abusive husband who didn’t return from his time at sea, she meets James, a handsome priest who needs to stay hidden. She shows him the secret ways across the treacherous marsh, not knowing that she is leading disaster into the heart of her life.

Praise for Tidelands:

‘The first in a planned series… The author crafts her material with effortless ease.

Her grasp of social mores is brilliant, the love story rings true and the research is, as ever, of the highest calibre.’   

Elizabeth Buchan, Daily Mail

‘A compelling novel that shines a light on the struggles of 17th century women.’

Daily Mirror

‘The novel’s power lies in Gregory’s evocative portrayal of the tidelands and the everyday lives of those who are bound to them.’

Sunday Express

‘Philippa Gregory returns with an English Civil War novel that excels in everything she does best. Historical events are written with breathless immediacy, keeping the reader enthralled even if they know the outcome. She pays close attention to the plight of women in the past, so often unchanged despite men’s wars, and gives them a voice… Fans will not be disappointed.’ Alys Key, The i

‘Shines a light on the struggles of 17th century women . . . If this novel is the first sign of what’s to come then readers are in for a treat.’

Emma Lee-Potter, Daily Express

Tidelands evokes a world of suspense and superstition. Its fascinating fictional heroine, Alinor, is caught in a net of in-between spaces … I was completely swept up in this wonderful, immersive story set in the English Civil War when women who lived unconventional lives risked being accused of witchcraft.’  

Tina Jackson, Writing Magazine


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