When life happens, don’t let it change your lifestyle

There’s life and then there are the things that make life worth living. From highs like nailing that promotion and that unforgettable road trip with the girls, to little things like grabbing a cappuccino from your favourite coffee shop in the morning, life can be great… But life often throws you a curveball when you’re busy making other plans.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a firm plan to safeguard your lifestyle when those unforeseen life circumstances strike? One that not only cares about the emergency expenses like making sure you can get financial security following a big life changing event, but also helps you keep your morning cappuccinos?

A Comprehensive Cover for every life stage

Liberty’s Lifestyle Protector provides comprehensive cover that can be tailored to provide financial security to you and your family in varying circumstances as and when they happen. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you have financial stability to maintain your quality of life should you be unable to work due to disability, critical illness or retrenchment.

Four protections pillars

What makes Liberty’s Lifestyle Protector stand out? Its innovative four-pillar design:

  1. Lifestyle Protection helps you maintain your standard of living by paying for your lifestyle related expenses should you survive a critical illness or traumatic event.
  2. Loss of Income Protection covers you when you’re suddenly unable to work and earn an income through unforeseen circumstances like retrenchment, temporary or permanent disability or impairment.
  3. Life Protection takes away the financial strain from your beneficiaries in the event of your death by paying them a lump-sum or recurring monthly income to maintain their quality of living.
  4. Policy Protection Because when emergency strikes, for example you become disabled, critically ill or retrenched, you don’t always have cash available to keep paying for your insurance policy when you need it most. This benefit helps you maintain your policy when you are unable to make premium payments, and removes the risk of losing cover due to temporary financial strain.

The beauty of Lifestyle Protector is in its flexibility. You can choose different premium payment patterns to suit your cash flow needs, and choose different term periods of cover depending on whether you need long or shorter-term protection. Lifestyle Protector can provide cover for your specific needs, whether you’re self-employed or a corporate careerist spouse or single gal. And all of these can adapt and change as needed.

Where there’s a risk, there’s a facet of Lifestyle Protector that’s got you covered, from retrenchment (the optional Retrenchment Protector) to being unable to pay for your child’s school fees (our EduCator benefit) and being critically ill to work (the Income Protector). 

From your career to your lifestyle, it’s all covered. So, when the unexpected happens, you’ll still be styling.

For more details about benefits, definitions, guarantees, fees, tax, limitations, charges, premiums or other conditions and associated risks, click here or please speak to a Liberty Financial Adviser or your broker.

Liberty Group Ltd is a Registered Long-Term Insurer, the Insurer of Lifestyle Protector and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FAIS Act no.2409). Terms and Conditions apply